Why Is this Galvanic Facial Machine So Popular

Are you looking for a home facial treatment using a galvanic ultrasonic facial machine?
Or have question about the effectiveness of galvanic treatment with these portable skin devices? Then you are at the right place.

Galvanic treatment is a very successful skin care treatment due to the excellent results shown on TV it has become extremely popular. The beauty of galvanic facial treatment is that it can be used for different skin types and conditions.

If you have sensitive skin and having trouble getting exfoliating treatment, then galvanic facial might be very good option.

Galvanic Facial Treatment Explained

Galvanic facial treatment is often applied by using metal probe sliding over the skin with a specialized serums or ampules. The serum or lotion has two purposes:

  1. To make the facial metal probe slide smoothly over your face
  2. The lotion or serum contains nutrition that can be absorbed by your skin using the galvanic machine

One the most well known galvanic machine since 2006 is Fyola facial machine. I have been studying different galvanic devices and found the Fyola the most promising and affordable one.

This skin care device was shown at the TV show Balancing Act in 2016.

Upgraded Model of the Fyola Facial Machine:  Fyola Lite

galvanic facial machine

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Benefits of a Home Galvanic Facial Treatment

If you want to get the best day spa facilities at your home, then you must try home galvanic spa machine. I have tried it and found it to be extremely effective. Generally, people go for this treatment to reduce the effects of aging, but this treatment is much more than an anti-aging day spa treatment- it is loaded with benefits.

Results of using this galvanic facial machine

I have prepared a short list of benefits that I have noted after using galvanic treatment. Some benefits were observed by me, and some benefits were observed by my friends, so I have compiled a list of day spa benefits, and here it is:

  1. A galvanic facial gives you tighter skin. It lifts your skin, and keeps it firm.
  2. It helps erase wrinkles and fine lines as it softens your skin, removing deep aging effects as well.
  3. It removes the dullness of your skin that is caused by stress or aging. It also reduces the effects of pollutants that you have to face everyday as you go to work.
  4. It hydrates your skin, thereby giving you a better and even complexion.
  5. It also removes the bags from under your eyes. I know this for sure, because one of my friends had a serious problem of under eye bags, and ever since she has started using galvanic day spa, her bags have visibly reduced.
  6. It promotes skin radiance. This day spa revives your skin and enhances your beauty.
  7. It cleanses your skin, thereby reducing blemishes.

These are the advantages that my friends and I experienced with day spa using galvanized treatment. You might experience some more benefits too. But keep in mind that these benefits depend largely upon the type of galvanic machine you have, and the kind of lotion or gel you are using.

How to Do Galvanic Facial Treatment with this little device in the Right way

As you know going to a spa every time you want to get galvanic facial is expensive and time consuming. So after have done the research about the pro’s and cons of this device , I finally bought it. I got a handheld device, along with a lotion. After buying the stuff, the next question is: how do you carry out this anti aging process? Here’s how:

  1. Wash your face with a cleanser, then pat your face dry.
  2. Apply the gel or lotion over your face. Make sure you apply it evenly on your face, as well as your neck- it will give you a consistent look. If you do not apply it on your neck, this anti aging treatment will not be very effective.
  3. Now you need to use your handheld device. Depending upon the company, these machines will operate differently. My device has a timer selection option. I put it on a 1- minute or a 2-minute timer, depending upon my requirements.
  4. Now bring the device to your face. Massage your face, using gentle sweeping strokes. Make sure you do not press too hard, or lift the machine.
  5. Keep doing it, until you hear the beeping sound. This would be the sound of your timer.
  6. Now take a damp towel and wipe your face with it. This will remove any remaining lotion or gel on your face. Wipe the device, and keep it at a safe place.

This anti aging treatment will help you get great skin, while removing the dirt and impurities from it and smoothing out the wrinkles. Make sure that you spread the lotion evenly, and use gentle strokes. Many people press the device too hard, and thus do not get great results.

Before you use the galvanic machine, you must read through all the instructions, so that you know just exactly how to operate it.

To get the best result with galvanic treatment two different basic steps are required.

1. Cleansing Step with Ultrasonic Wave: Desincrustation

The first treatment is designed to deep cleanse the pores of the skin and degrease oily areas. Usually a cleansing gel is applied. This cleansing step is used to remove the oily skin areas such as acne and pimples. Some skin care specialist’s call this step Desincrustation.  This will open up the pores allowing skin ingredients to be absorbed easily.

>> Click Here to know more About Galvanic Treatment …

2. Nutrition Step with Galvanic Ion: Iontophoresis

The second treatment involves the re-balancing of the skin from oily to dry including sensitive.

Now you need to apply a serum or organic lotion with rich vitamins. No oil ingredients please!  So no cream, because galvanic current CANNOT penetrate oil based products

The galvanic machine will use positive and negative ions to push the nutrition into you skin.

This galvanic treatment enhances the skin absorption. Depending on type of serum, it will help to re-balance, normalize and hydrate the skin. This is a called the Iontophoresis.

Carefully Select the Right Serum or Lotion for Your  Facial Machine

As the galvanic machine is extremely powerful, the result can be affected by the facial serum or lotion that you have chosen.

– No oil based products as it won’t work with the galvanic current.

I recommend the Fyola toning gel. This is a water-based gel specially formulated for the galvanic machine. it contains full of organic ingredients such Aleo Vera, Elder flower, nettle Leaf and more…

For the complete list of natural ingredients of Fyola toning, please click here.

By the way, this Fyola toning gel can also be use with other galvanic or ultrasound facial machine as well. If you have an older beauty device that has galvanic ionizing feature, but need a better or more affordable treatment gel you can give Fyola toner gel a try.


44 thoughts on “Why Is this Galvanic Facial Machine So Popular

  1. This article is not quite accurate. First you use the negative node called the cathode to open the pores and extract out the dirt and excess oil and it open up the pores.

    Then you use the positve pole called the anode to push in the serum or rich product of you like. Serums are great because they are much more concentrated.

    Do not lift up the metal roller from the client during treatment…it will give them a mild shock if you do. So when you turn on the machine, make sure the product is on the face. Remember negative first and positive sencond.

    Don’t forget to ground the device. I do this by slipping the negative node under the client’s shoulder. This way the client does not have to hold onto the device and they don’t get nervous.

    The galvanic devices that are sold to the public are not explained well and I am not sure how well they work. But this in the hands of a trained esthetician is a marval. Unfortuneately, very few of us do this proceedure because it is not taught very well in school. And, most of the 47 women in my class would not touch it. I was trained by a teacher personally, and well what can I say? I give the best facials around.

    • You are talking about those big professional galvanic machine at the spa’s.

      This is an galvanic machine for home use. It has a very low current and is battery operated. There is no need for grounding. You do need to hold the ion part at the back of the machine to make sure the ions can flow through your skin when using it.

    • Hi,

      I have the galvanic device ,but I’m not sure how it’s realy works .when I do it on myself I don’t feel anything and the manual’s payper isn’t explained well ,I tried on the internet I couldn’t find a good sorce if you help me Iout I will be so gratful.

      Thank you

    • Dear April,

      Thank you for your comprehensive explanation. You are right to point out that in school it is a chapter in a book. I actually have a galvanic machine that i am now going to use. My questions is that i would like to use it on myself. Is that possible with a professional unit?

      Thank you.


    • Dear madam,
      I have gone through your explanation for the iontophoresis treatment and it seems to be good, but you have not mentioned the type of lotions to be used in this process, whether they should be conductive or postive and negatively charged, lotions for cleaniing the skin and delivering the medicine.
      I would highly appreciate, if you could explain it further.
      Actually we are seller of equipment and we have to train the persons, for right use of the machine. Our principal are also not explaining it well.
      With best regards,

    • I just purchased the galvanic machine for professional use. I totally agree with you that these machines were not covered well in my esthetics training. Do you have more detailed information where I can get more training before I begin to offer these treatments? Also is it true that only water soluble products can be used?

      • Hi,ive just ordered a gslvanic and high frequency machine. I did do it at college over 15 years ago and totally forgot how to use it properly and what products and gel to use with it. I would be greateful for your help in using it

    • can u please help me? i was not taught very well in school either…LOL. you seem very good at this and I love the way you speak.would u be willing to answer some questions for me regarding galvanic? Im thinking of buying a unit for disincrustation and product penetration. thank you sooo much. teresa. NY est.

    • Hello !
      I just have a question , so you said to use negative first and and then positive , so what if the client have dry skin ? Because the first step is disincrustation , so should I only do the second step which is Iontophoresis ? . And I’m talking about the pro machine .
      Thank you !

    • hi. Thanks for the very useful input.

      Can u recommend me a device to buy as well as the serum to be used?
      Thanks in advance.

    • Everything I read on descriptions,I just ordered a machine,but instructions were in chinese,said to use positive ion with the sonic to clean face and the negative ion for putting in your serum or moisturizer.,I have a galvanic ion ultrasound,led device,even youtube videos say positive to clean,can u help me with correct way to use this..I’m using to help with adult acne

  2. I am a skin care specialist and remember reading about galvanic in school. It was many years ago! I have been introduced to the home version and have been thinking about selling the product. I am searching and trying to educate myself about all there is to know about galvanic treatment for at home use and everything there is to know. I don not remember using galvanic in school though.I just remember reading and having to know about it and that is all! I believe it is of course more popular in Europe.I would welcome any input on there experience with galvanic treatments. thank you.

    • Hi, Ive heard about this and apparently i have seen a demonstration ,it is quite a good product ,i was thinking of selling this product myself.

  3. Hi,i read you page about the how can i use the fyola galvaniv and i just finished buying fyola galvanic and i want to know the name of the lotions and the serum and where can i get it because the lotion and serum is for whitening and wrinkles. i read that i can not use only the gel.for you attention tanks.maria n medina .i hope you can answer me

  4. Thank you for all your feedback. In respond to your questions:

    You don’t need to touch the ground with this portable galvanic machine. Yes, it can be used at home, just like a professional galvanic machine.

    The galvanic machine starts to emit galvanic ion when you hold the facial machine and rub it slowly over your face. Make sure you slide it slowly (1 or 2 second over each spot), so the galvanic ion has enough time to transmit through your skin.

    This Fyola facial machine is designed for home use.

    – Blinking red light — what’s that?

    The red light at the back of the facial machine is blinking when you rub the facial head over your skin. It’s NOT supposed to turn on continuously, it’s only blinking. To save the battery.

    So don’t be confused, that the Galvanic ion is not working.

  5. has anyone heard of the ageloc galvanic system from nu skin and which is better that or the frola. i want tp purchse the best fro the money. the nuskin system uses 2 steps and a special serum. any thoughts

  6. Hello everyone!
    Please I need help! I need everyones tips and knowledge in regards to this Galvanic Device by Nu Skin. I purchase my device about 3mos ago and I have been using it with Pre-treatment using 2 Icon in 3mins and then Treatment is with 2 Icon in also 3mins then followed by the Tru-Face Line corrector using 2 Icon in 3-5mins and I haven’t really feel any current since I’ve been using this device and product and I haven’t see much of changes to my face.
    So, Please…tell me am I doing something wrong here? I needs everyones input to help me…and Thank you all so much!

    • you would know that the machine is working when it beeps in every 10 seconds or every 5 seconds when time is almost running out.

  7. Cont.

    And in regards of using the Galvanic Device to my face I believed that I am aware of how to hold and slide gently to my face.

    I am just looking for this ” electrical current” that everyone’s talking that I haven’t have any experience..

  8. how to use the galvanic instrument? how to use it on dry,oily and combination skin type? if a machine gives shock then is it working well or not? please help me………………

  9. HI ALL,

  10. HI, can I use my Galvanic Spa 2 with non NU SKIN products? Such as first step, Disincrustation gel? and step 2 the ampule?
    also, where do I do the extractions? after the disincrustation and before the ampule? What about an enzyme peel? before the extraction after the galvanic disincrustation?

  11. I’m a licensed Esthetician and I’m very familiar with Galvanic. I see a lot of you are interested in more information. You can get in touch with me and I would be happy to help answer any of your questions.

    • Where can I get the gels for use during the Galvanic treatment? They didn’t cover this very well in school, nor can I find a detailed manual.

    • Hi I’m confused about the pos and negative ion modes in descriptions to the machines it says to use pos ion for cleaning skin and negative for putting in lotions and serums,I just bought one and used it twice already this way…but these posts say the opposite,even youtube videos when I was trying to learn more said positive to clean,can u help me

      • for the home galvanic facial machine you apply the lotion and serum first, then you gently rub the facial head around your skin. What are the functions that your facial machine has?

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  14. can you use olive oil or coconut oil in conjuction with the positive jell or not.. as these two products are very good for the skin..just asking, will it do any arm at all

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