Review Facial Massager

With so many skin care products and home spa kits in the market, which one is right for your skin type?  Here, I try to explain the latest skin care products. Any feedback or comments about home spa kits are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Review Facial Massager

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  2. Im 26years old, and i have been trying to clear my skin for the last 15months since i moved to AZ from CA. So i guess i have adult acne?most of it is kinda large and pus like. maybe my body is trying to deal with something on the inside? I dont know? i try to excerise, mostly walking, i dont sweat much. Im used 100percentorganic facial lemon cleanser am & pm, and peppermint toner, and a light weight pomegranate mositerizer with spf. I do a seaweed mask about 2 to 3 times a week to maybe help with oil acne prone skin. I dont have dry skin. Im doing galvanic and current treatment once a week now for the last 2 months, it seems its getting better but its still not good enough for me. im still getting breakouts, maybe its what i eat? im trying to cut processed foods, very little cheese if any at all, and no milk or dairy ice cream. that seemed to help,& no chocolate. I just want my face to completely heal and get no more breakouts! im a bit frustrated at times, im almost 30, its not normal. I used jane iredale foundationa and pressed powder like mostly on weekends. i try not to wear makeup. Im considering purchasing a hand held photo facial LED machine, do u think that may really help me? Please help, any advice? i appreciate it.

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