Microdermabrasion Machine vs. Galvanic Facial Treatment Device

With so many facial treatments available in the market today, it gets very confusing to decide which one will deliver more effective results and is right for you given your skin type, nature of skin problem, and the price being charged for it.

Since I’ve tried both, here is a small comparison between microdermabarison skin treatment and galvanic facial treatment, both of which are quickly becoming the most preferred choice of individuals seeking a radiant looking clear skin.

Galvanic Facial Treatment with a Home Facial Device – a Non-Surgical Facelift

Galvanic facial treatment is quickly replacing use of plastic surgeries because it can treat wrinkles, scars, loss of skin tone, and pigmentation without actually having to go through the painful process of a surgery. Galvanic facial treatment brings firmness to your skin while improving muscle tone, clearing blocked pores, increasing the circulation of blood and promoting cell metabolism by using galvanic current.


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This treatment can easily be performed at home simply by applying a pretreatment gel over the skin and using the device on the targeted areas. It is a totally painless procedure not requiring any anesthesia or sedatives. Some mild redness on the skin may follow the procedure but there are no other side effects.

This is a continuous process and repeated treatments might eliminate deeper blemishes and scars. Depending upon the issue this treatment is being used for, will determine how frequently it should be done. I required the treatment once a week for the first two months, and then once every three months to maintain the results.

Tightening the skin tissues helps reduce acceleration of the skin aging process and its pre-application gel is supposed to be beneficial for skin with acne. A 15 minute galvanic facial is said to deliver similar results to a 2 hour of isometric toning exercise.

Microdermabarison Device – From Hollywood To Mainstream

This skin care treatment, when introduced for the first time, was quickly adopted by Hollywood because like galvanic facial treatment, it has also proved to be more effective and less expensive than plastic surgeries to achieve facelifts. Its popularity has gone beyond just female clients and adopted by men as well.

This technique uses tiny rough grains to peel away the rough layer of skin that is exposed to dust, moisture, heat and prone to wrinkles, dead cells, black heads, pimples and other problems. Since it only targets the outer skin, I found it something that would not hurt the sensitive inner layers of my skin. However, this technique does mildly effects the outer skin layer thereby causing swelling and redness for at least one to two days. If you feel that microdermabarison is the answer to your skin problem and you want a fresh look for you up-coming social gathering, it is advisable to undergo the treatment at least a couple of days ahead. As the skin begins to heal itself following removal of the outer skin, new cells are formed and one gets a smoother look.


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