The Ultimate Key to Fight Cellulite: Tips That Every Woman Should Know

Are you worried about having cellulite as a reminder of the excess fat in your body?  I used to suffer from cellulite myself, but not anymore, and I have the perfect solution for you.  You do not need to go through any kind of surgery or cosmetic procedure to lose it.  All you have to do is to have a little discipline.


Many people may ask how discipline can help me lose cellulite.  If you are disciplined enough, you would be able to exercise regularly and develop muscle which will allow you to lose the cellulite that you have on your thighs.


Why Do Women Worry about Cellulite and What is the Cause?

Cellulite is a problem for both slim and overweight women, and even men. It is a build up of fat, toxins and fluids that bulge up under the middle layer tissues of your skin, which causes the dreaded orange peel effect.


Cellulite comes when the excess fat from the skin cells is flushed out because it doesn’t have enough space within this skin itself.  If this happens, the excess fat will create folds in the skin which we call cellulite.

Cellulite is not selective- everyone including super models gets it. I do not know one woman who is anti-cellulite!


How does exercise get rid of these folds? By building more muscles instead of fat.  If you have more muscles in your body, you would be able to firm up and tighten your skin.  If your skin is tight, you would not have any excess skin that can cause folds.


Surgery for cellulite? Skip it

Although there are many surgical procedures that you can follow to remove cellulite, it would be safer for you to go natural with exercise. Why?  Because surgical procedures make use of chemicals that may harm your body if not administered properly.  Of course you do not want to experience side effects with any of these procedures.


So I would suggest for you to go to the gym and work it out. Do not be enticed by quick solutions to your problems. The most effective way to lose skin folds is to perform physical activity such as exercise.  As mentioned earlier, this will give you firmer muscles that can block the formation of cellulite in your body.  With no cellulite, there would be no hard time choosing the clothes to wear for your dinner date or for a party that you want to go to.

There are several anti-cellulite solutions

  1. Liposuction: This is one sure-shot way to remove those nasty little fat cells.
  2. Exercise: All exercise is anti-cellulite. Cardio-vascular exercises will increase your blood circulation. Stretching exercises will help tighten up your connective tissues and weight training will sculpt your muscles.
  3. Anti-cellulite diet: This requires cutting back on your fat intake, cutting back on your carb intake, and eating more foods rich in fiber.
  4. Water: It is said that 8 glasses of water a day, flush the toxins away!
  5. Dry Brush: Use a loofah, brush, or massage glove, on bad areas for 5 minutes everyday. This will help your circulation, and move the toxins out of your tissues. Do not do this on wet skin, you may damage it.
  6. Cold Shower: After your shower, just before you get out, turn on the cold water and give your body a blast- if you can handle it of course.
  7. Massage: Massage, just like dry brushing, improves circulation.

In addition to these tips, there are many anti-cellulite creams in the market. Try them- they may just do the trick.


Things you should NOT do if you want to reduce cellulite

  1. Smoking: This affects your blood circulation, so if you are a smoker and if you are serious about getting rid of your cellulite, you seriously have to stop!
  2. Coffee and Alcohol: You need to cut down on these, and increase your water intake. Consider replacing them with herbal teas too.
  3. Sugar: Cut back, or stop all together, though there is nothing wrong with an apple!
  4. Salt: Cut back on your salt intake- it makes fluid retention worse.

It’s more important to stop doing the things that will increase the cellulite than just applying the anti-cellulite solutions. If you don’t stop doing the things that you should avoid, any facial product will not help you.


Do you have a cellulite story? Share your experiences by posting a comment at my blog.



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