Electric Drill / Nail polisher, the Ultimate Guide 2017

We all like to look and feel great, and making sure that happens starts with the basics. Although it might not immediately come to mind when you think about the appearance of a well-presented individual, the quality of your nails really make an astounding difference. Consider this: has your eye ever been drawn to well-shaped, cared for and coloured nails?

Of course it has! So why not make that impression upon other people yourself.


beautiful nails

Ladies, today i am going to you a round-up of some of the best electric nail drill and polisher kits out there so that you can get salon quality results without the associated price tag!

These products range from incredibly high-end pieces, to those that are suited to a lady on the go, so think carefully about what you’re looking for when you consider the pros and cons of each device. Get your nails in a beautiful an healthy shape!

1. Fyola Electric Nail Polisher / Nail Drill Set

Fyola Electric Nail Set

Fyola Electric Nail Set


  • The nail drill can work cordlessly, meaning you can use it wherever is most convenient to you without having concerns over whether a plug socket is nearby. It is also rechargeable, so it does not rely on you having to keep putting new batteries in it. 
  • Comes with a callous skin remover pad.
    This allows you to soften the skin on your hands and feet when you update your nail care – what’s the point in having beautiful nails if what’s surrounding them is dry and uncared for?
  • Comes with a cuticle raising paddle, which allows you to separate skin from nail to get a longer lasting and better final effect. 
  • The grinder drill head attachment is included so that you can get rid of any large areas of calloused skin on your hands. No more hints at what you do for a living or how long you spend in the gym will be found after using this! 
  • The toenail drill heads make giving yourself the perfect pedicure much less stressful as they are designed to pay attention to how much more sensitive your toes can be than your fingers. 
  • The filing disks and polishing disk work together to give you the perfect finish on your nails.Click Here Read more.


  • Although it is designed for ease of use on the go, the carry case with all of the attachments can be fairly bulky to bring with you.
  • You will have to gain a fair bit of knowledge to be able to use all of the attachments correctly, and as there are quite a few this may take some time.



2. Benair Professional Electric Nail File


Benair Pro Electric Nail file



  • Very compact product, to the extent that it could fit into a handbag with ease. It is also so lightweight that one can use it for a great length of time without experiencing much pain or tiredness in your arm.
  • It is corded rather than battery operated, which allows it to use a greater amount of power than some other similar products.
  • Comes with 6 drill bits and 6 sanding band attachments so that it can be used for a whole variety of purposes with precision. The speed at which it works is also very easily changeable so that you can use exactly the right drill bit at exactly the speed that suits you. This allows for you to get a really personalised experience from this piece of equipment.
  • Contains an instruction manual which is written in simple terms so that anyone with no experience can use the product.



  • Has no attachment to help improve the quality of the skin on your hands or feet around the nails.
  • Can only be used when plugged in to a socket.
  • Does not have separate attachments for the toes, so you cannot get a specialised treatment for them with this product.


3. Vogue Professional Nail File Drill 6300A


Vogue pro Nail file drill



  • Very high quality machine – perfect for professional and personal use.
  • Comes with 5 full sized diamond-bit attachments. These are incredibly durable and will work on even the toughest of nails. It also has 6 sanding belt attachments.
  • The variety of drill bits means that this product is perfect for pedicures as well as manicures, and helps you to buff and shape your nails as well as polish them.
  • Has an attachment which can help get rid of tough skin and calluses.
  • Comes with a control box that can help the device reach speeds of up to 20 000 RPM.



  • It is a corded device and as such can only work whilst plugged in.
  • The control box that comes with it is necessary for use and very bulky. This would be very inconvenient to have with you if you were travelling.
  • The highly recognisable brand name adds a massive chunk on to the price.

4. Medicool Pedinova Pro Pedicure Set



Medicool Pedinova Pro



  • Comes with a handy carry case so that it is easy to stow away if one wishes to travel with it.
  • The powerful motor it contains can perform at up to 20 000 RPM.
  • The hand piece is lightweight and has been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into your hand. This allows you to use the device with ease for extended periods of time.
  • In case you are concerned about not being able to use the equipment properly or to its best capabilities, then do not fear, as the kit comes with a DVD which details exactly how to use the device and all of its attachments.
  • It comes with 14 different attachments and 25 different sanding belts. This is far above and beyond what many other brands and devices offer, so you can truly become an expert in your own home.



  • This pack comes with a very hefty price tag, so it may be better for those seeking to start a business at home, than those who simply want to use it as a personal device.
  • The sheer number of attachments can make the whole package appear a bit overwhelming, which can be very off-putting if you’re new to trying out this kind of treatment.



One thought on “Electric Drill / Nail polisher, the Ultimate Guide 2017

  1. Thank you for this guide. Now, I have a bright idea of my next electric nail. Fyola Electric Nail Polisher seems good and efficient.

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