Facial Cleansing Brush Reviews – Which Exfoliating Brush Is Actually Worth Buying?

Are you looking for a new way to change the way you look without spending a fortune?  You might have heard about Facial brushes or exfoliating brushes that can make your skin look younger.  There are many different brushes available to be used for cleaning the face, but which one is right for your skin?

Facial brushes are used to clean out skin pores or exfoliate epidermis, which means they even out the user’s skin tone, help in lessening breakouts and blemishes, help in better absorption of moisturizers and face oils, and with the correct use of brush, the skin feels light and clean.


Facial brushes are simply incredible when used correctly. Practically speaking, this means facial treatment with these brushes are really helpful, as they remove a day’s worth of makeup and environmental debris. They’re lifesavers when you feel too tired to wash your face before bed.

There are many choices out there ready to mislead you towards them but here are a few tips that keep you one step ahead.

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1. Fyola Skin Exfoliating Brush

Often people feel frustrated towards oil on their face or make-ups that are really hard to remove. If you are in a hurry, or just too lazy, you can have your make up removed with Fyola® Facial Brush that gives you a clean, smooth, healthy, and younger-looking face.Get ready for a cleansing experience like no other. You would get a clean, bright, silky and smooth skin with Fyola® Facial Brush / Facial Exfoliating Machine. It’s a high quality cleansing system at an incredible price!


Click Here To read More About this Exfoliating Brush 

1)      A pleasant experience that you deserve.

2)      No need for chemicals or abrasives.

3)      Makes your skin more receptive to skin care products.

4)      Saves you time, money, and hassle.

Here are some key reasons as to why you should get Machine:

1)       Acoustic vibration. Increase the effectiveness of cleaning your skin.

2)      Interchangeable heads. Double-layered brushes increase the cleaning power.

3)      Four different speed levels. Level 1 to 2 is designed for sensitive skin. Level 3 to 4 is designed for normal skin. Perfect for all skin types.

4)      Wireless. Say goodbye to annoying cords that will hinder your experience.

5)      Rechargeable. Convenient charging cradle will ensure you get the cleaning session completed anywhere, any time.

6)      Charging indicator lights. Shows you when the charging has been completed with a glance of the eyes.

Here are a few reasons why Fyola® Facial Brush / Facial Exfoliating Machine stand out to its competitors:




1)      Fyola® Facial Brush / Facial Exfoliating Machine clean and exfoliate your skin six times more effectively than traditional methods. Click here to read more.

2)       It utilizes sonic, micro-pulsating technology to penetrate deep into the surface of your skin to easily remove make up, oil, grime and dead skin for a silky-smooth radiance!

3)      This professional quality skin care system performs as well as any of the top brands but at a much more affordable price.

4)       It comes with two brush heads: one for sensitive skin and one for normal skin. Fine bristles.

5)      It’s easy to use, gentle, and accommodates all skin types.

6)      Each brush is composed of 5200 soft, anti-bacterial bristles with a diameter of 0.5mm capable of over 15 000 rotations per minute as compared to less than 1000 oscillations per minute of the generic brush.

7)       The unit is also fully waterproof, so you can use it anywhere even in the shower!

8)      You can use Fyola® Facial Brush/Facial Exfoliating Machine brush regularly without having a breakout. Competitors cannot be used more than twice a week.

9)      Fyola® Facial Brush / Facial Exfoliating Machine do the job of exfoliation, so you don’t need to invest in additional exfoliating products.

10)   Since it’s two in one, you don’t have to buy one to dry the skin and a second one to clean the face.

11)   Fyola® Facial Brush / Facial Exfoliating Machine comes with 4 speed Levels (Sensitive, Pulse Lift Massage, Exfoliate, Deep Cleansing) whereas the normal generic facial brush comes with 2 speed level speed control.

12)   There is an LED light indicator in Fyola® Facial Brush / Facial Exfoliating Machine, none being in generic. 

2. Conair Facial Scrub Brush



If Absurd features likes clockwise and anticlockwise rotations aren’t any indication that the huge size and hard bristles will definitely bring you nothing but regret.

3. Neutrogena Wave – Sonic Power Facial Cleanser


Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser.jpg

It is very complicated to use and creates a certain white sludge and sprays all over your face which is extremely irritating to your eyes. 

4. DDF Revolve 400X Micro-Skin Polishing System



This one had too much design issues as the brush may keep falling off and is extremely uncomfortable to use.

Too much of anything is never a good thing. Thus according to Dr. Dennis Gross, who created a skincare line, the overuse (of face cleansing brushes) can lead to broken capillaries, excessive dryness, irritation, redness, and sensitivity. According to him, “If these warning signs occur, it is important to stop or alter your usage immediately.”

Cleansing brushes are brilliant for different skin types. They can also help in clearing up congested skins with open pores, blockages and breakouts. Dull, dry complexions can benefit from regular cleansing brush use.Women with excess facial hair benefit the most, as hair follicles tend to get blocked, causing congestion that can sometimes lead to acne. Cleansing brushes help a lot because the bristles can actually penetrate deeper into the epidermis than just wiping over the surface can, enabling a more thorough, deep cleansing.

One should opt for the type of brush that suits their skin. When choosing a cleansing brush – any skin type should always be handled with care. Firm brushes are too harsh and often lead to redness, soreness and sensitivity.








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