Best Epilator for Legs and Face – Must Have Hair Removal Machine Reviews

Reviews that Will Change the Way You Remove Hair

Is waxing painful or laser hair removal too expensive for you? Then epilation might be the best choice for you. Ladies, for those who have never tried an epilator it can be painful the first time, but still better way than waxing>

With a good epilator you get a hairless skin for up to 4 weeks

Hair removal is stressful enough without having to spend hours searching for your perfect product. So, I have compiled a list of our top 5 epilators, with all their pros and cons, so that you don’t have to waste your time scouring the internet for separate reviews (ugh).

Why Is An Epilator better than a Regular Shaver?

Epilators are effectively electronic tweezers, but instead of one pair of metal pieces teasing out your unwanted hairs, there are many. Like tweezers, epilators pull out hairs from the root, meaning you may experience a bit of pain whilst using them, but it does mean that the hairs grow back much slower than if you were to just use a razor.

Many people opt for epilators as they are fairly easy to use, meaning you can get cost effective hair removal treatment from the home, without having to fork out for a salon wax or even laser treatment.


Fyola® 4-in-1 Hair Removal Set: Epilator + Body Brush for After Epilation

This epilator is made by Fyola®. Fyola® 4-in-1 Hair Epilator offers 4 different epilating heads which target various locations with ease and impressive results. Furthermore, this product is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skins.

This Epilator has three interchangeable heads and comes with two different speed settings. Moreover, it can be used on upper lip, chin, arms, legs, and bikini line.

Fyola® 4-in-1 Hair Epilator offers different features and allows you to get rid of hair faster and efficiently. All these features are in 1 epilator and for a reasonable price.

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2. Braun Silk Epil 9 Skin Spa 9961e Wet and Dry Epilator and Exfoliator (6 attachments)




This epilator from Braun sits at the top of this list because of the combined epilation and exfoliation experience that it gives users. What’s the point in having hair-free skin if it’s rough and your skin is dry and flaky? There isn’t one. 


– This epilator comes with a 40% wider exfoliation head than Braun’s previous versions of this appliance

– boasts a 4x better exfoliation experience than one you would do manually. Everyone knows just how tedious it can be to pull out your bath puff or body scrub and get working – it seems to take just about forever! This seems to be the perfect solution.

– The head contains 10 000 bristles to ensure every millimetre of your skin gets exfoliated to the max!

– Plus, the epilator itself allows for up to 6 weeks of hairlessness, which means you don’t have to hop into the shower everyday thinking about whether or not you need to shave. 

– It can even tweeze hairs out that are 0.5mm long, which makes it in fact more effective than shaving. Perhaps the best aspect of this product however, is that it can be used both in and out of the shower. Many epilators require dry skin to work on because of the electrical components, but this one has to be unplugged whether you want to use it wet or dry and it is completely waterproof. We all know that pores open in the shower, so you get a much more precise experience this way.


3. Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6401 




This handy ergonomically designed epilator is great for a woman (or man) on the go, as it will fit snugly into your travel case if you want to go away, or take up a nifty little spot in your bathroom cabinet. The epilator head is washable, so you can rest assured that your epilator is in optimal hygiene conditions. Plus, there are two speed settings available on the head. This means that all of your sensitive areas can get a much gentler treatment, whilst other places can be dealt with a little bit of a tougher hand. Or, you can simply do everywhere a little softer on some treatments and a little faster on others – it means it’s totally up to you. This treatment removes hair from the root and is much better for your skin in the long run than razors.

4. Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Hair Removal Products


This features 72 tweezer heads. Many people associate more tweezers heads with more pain, which is true to some extent, but the real benefit that comes with this is that the epilating process is much more rapid than one with fewer tweezers heads. The Emjoi patented glide technology on this model helps to reduce the amount of pain and irritation you receive from the epilating process. This is a great option for anyone who wants to speed up their epilation as much as possible without getting a poor quality experience. Plus, to improve the post-epilation experience, this model has a lifting application that helps to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs, which are one of the key issues with choosing to epilate, rather than shave or wax your hair.



5. Panasonic ES – ED90 – P5 Epilator 



Just like the Braun Silk Epil epilator, this model can tweeze hairs up to 0.5mm long, which again is much more effective than using a razor or waxing, which would miss these tiny hairs. This model also contains an LED light, meaning that you can illuminate the area you wish to epilate. This makes it far harder to miss any stray hairs as you can focus on each area individually. Like the Braun epilator, this one is also waterproof, so you can use it in the shower as well as out of it. Moreover, it has two speed settings, so that you can opt for a gentler epilation experience if you wish.




A final summary

 All of the epilators we have covered here are top of the range. And you would be likely to be happy with any of them that you received; however, there are some things to consider when choosing your depilator. Although epilators are a cost effective form of hair treatment in the long run, the upfront cost of one can be very high, so it makes a lot of sense to do some research before forking out for one. The Braun Silk Epilator has the greatest number of attachments for ease of use and to make the whole experience as unpainful as possible. Both this and the Panasonic ES – ED 90 – P5 epilator can be used on wet or dry skin, which is a massive bonus as it means you can use them in the shower.

The most ergonomically designed epilators are the Panasonic ES – ED 90 – P5 and the Philips Satinelle one. These are small and handy for travel, whilst being shaped in a way that allows you to hold it with ease. Often depilating treatments can take a very long time to complete – even up to two hours – so this is incredibly important.






2 thoughts on “Best Epilator for Legs and Face – Must Have Hair Removal Machine Reviews

  1. You have to cut your hair very very short before you use any epilator. Then, the device will do its job very well. I have used epilators for many years,

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