Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews / Aroma Diffuser Guide

In the past years aromatherapy oil diffuser has become such a popular device. Nowadays they come with different colors, sizes, shapes and some even have a build in music device. You can even get one with a remote control panel or a finger touch button.

Prices of essential oil diffuser has gone down a lot and you get some good quality ones nowadays for the best price. However, with so many choices in the market, which one is right for you? Are you looking for a fancy one or just a budget with a simple on/off button?

I’m going to compare the different aroma diffusers here to help you make a better choice.

Top Major Benefits of Aromatherapy

It’s well known that aromatherapy has many health benefits such as stress relief, reduce anxiety, boost energy levels, reduce headaches and even better sleep.

Aromatherapy is an interesting alternative healing method by using plant extracts in the form of essential oils. Using steam distillation essential oils are properly removed from the plants. These oils can be inhaled to improve certain health conditions.

Aromatherapy has been around for over 100 years, but it wasn’t popular until the launch of the first ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser by Vita Activate in 2009 . With the ultrasonic aroma diffuser only a few drops of oil in the water tank was enough to diffuse it in the air. The mist of oils can be easily inhaled.

SpaSens Aromatherapy Diffuser / Humidifier [Carved Design] With Free Essential Oil

This is on the the most popular device in the market. This a beautiful carved designed diffuser with a large water tank that can hold 2 liters of water. That means you can let the oil diffuser run for up to 8 hours enjoying the benefits of your favorite essential oils.

If ever you feel like relieving your stress out instantly or need better sleep then SpaSens Aromatherapy Diffuser might be the right product for you. Why?

SpaSens Aroma Diffuser with a big water tank of 2 Liter allows you to enjoy the whole day of your favorite essential oil. Only a few drops of oil in the diffuser, turn it on and it will produce a cools mist non-stop for up to 8 hours.


 Click Here to View On VITA ACTIVATE

This will surely give you refreshingly fresh air and natural breathing. The healing oils used in the diffuser are then transmitted in air all day which ultimately yields a stress free environment or better sleep

For more personal beneficial therapy, these vital oils are kept unadulterated so that it helps in making your workplace refreshing. While you are back at home, it soothes you and relaxes you mentally. And when it’s your time to sleep it revitalizes your bedtime.


  • Moisturize air: Dry air can be dangerous to health in a longer run. So, this product is designed specially to produce moist air so that you can breathe ideal air
  • Double mist two different directions : Spreads out more mist in a shorter time in two different directions and therefore works faster for its purpose
  • 7 different Colors: This comes with 7 favorite color which you can select as per your mood.
  • Turn On / Off the Light – If you need better sleep simply turn off the light and put lavender oil in the water tank. Makes you sleep like a rose
  • Big water tank (2 Liter):  produces a long lasting mist of essential oils without refilling. Can be used as humidifier.


  • Size: This is very much observed as it is 10 x 5 x 8 inches. Not very mobile in case you want to carry while you travel, but does it really matter?




Spasens® 500ml Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier

Miu 500This is a unique aromatherapy essential oil diffuser which has a distinctive theme of slow life. A pretty simple ultrasonic aroma diffuser used as a humidifer, but at the same time making your environment very pleasant .

SpaSens aroma device provides a sense of soothing and pleasant natural satisfaction for the one who loves slow life and loves to the pleasure of the natural sources like sun, air and water.

On technological front, it is made up of advanced PP material which has 7 different changing colors. It has a manual timer where you can set 60 – 120 -180- minute which will turn the device on/off. Ultrasound technology is the most advanced with 2.4 MH


  • Color Range: It has 7 LED colorful changing lamps with the different types-high and low, romantic and convenient.
  • Capacity: The water capacity of 500 ml which can be used for 10 hours of prolonged use
  • Non Traditional mechanism: this diffuser has a unique form of mechanism which is quiet contradictory to that of the traditional way. Here, the differentiation is the combustion type hot fog and Cold Fog Technology. This does not harm the like this indispensable oil of any ingredients and therefore it remains safer with no secondary pollution


  • Timing counter: There are only fixed counter in the range of 60 -180 with a gap of 60. Nothing in between
  • The package does not include oil in it
  • A bit pricey for a simple looking diffuser (around $69)

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Samyo 100ml Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser / Air Humidifier

SamyoThis Samyo Aroma Diffuser helps vaporizing water and other essential oil from the tank with a help of ultrasonic waves. Moreover, it does so pretty instantly which then produces pretty cool misty fragrance. In order to relieve you’re from stress and keeping you more relaxed, it produces negative ions.With its unique application it also helps in moisturizing the air and freshening it up so that you can breathe natural air

Regarding its technical specifications, it has about 100ML Mist output and has 33ml/H Noise Level. Equipped with the 5.5 ft. power supply cable it has manual timer in set of 4; 30/60/120/180 minutes which can turn the device on/off.  This is a much smaller diffuser than the Spasense Carved design one, but it does this job.  Good for putting it in a small room if you need some stress relief with lavender oil.


  • Color and light: It is available in four colors with 2 light shades. The manual mode lets you choose out of 8 color lights
  • Vibration frequency: This being pretty high at 2.4MHz
  • The Packaging: This can really be ideal for gifting purpose too


  • With 3 hours constant running timer, this soaks up the 100ml oil very fast
  • This cannot work effectively in a larger room or somewhere in restaurants and seminar halls.

MIU COLOR® 300ml Electric Aroma Diffuser / Warm white Ultrasonic Humidifier

Miu 300

This is a unique ultrasonic humidifier which has a distinctive theme of slow life. This humidifier is pretty simple, and at the same time very much environmentally pleasant. This provides comfortable daily necessities for consumers along with advanced mobility which focuses on the regular supplies of products. The product ranges from home purpose to travel, and to clothing.

This product is same as that of its other mother concerned product of MIU Color, but with a difference or two. The first and the main thing is the capacity – 300 ml. The other one comes with 500 ml capacity.

The second differentiator is the color. This comes with a standalone white color light while the others are multicolor.

The applications which differentiate this device with others in the market are that it works purely as a humidifier. A single colored humidifier


  • High and Low color types which can be altered manually
  • Humidification: The intensity with which it humidifies air is 33ML/hr.


  • Price: With a single colored humidifier the price kissing $40 is not reasonable
  • Manual time setting: It gives minimum on/off timer a start with 30 minutes, but then the gap turns to 60-120-180.Elimintaing the 30 minutes cap after the first one. This can be frustrating at a time

Lagute Bois LG-B16 All-in-one Wooden Aroma Diffuser

Lagute Bois

Aromatherapy Diffuser

This is the ultimate all-in-one wooden aroma diffuser where it works on multiple levels. Firstly, it works as an Aromatherapy by humidifying the air. Well, it is also perfectly blended with the color changing mood light which gives you an option so as to change the light color as per your mood.

This is also a sound machine which will produce natural sounds, thereby refreshing you from its fragrance and music.

it’s also compatible for playing music as this already comes equipped with standard speaker. You can make it work with your MP3 player or smartphone. It plays music through its speaker.

  • Multipurpose: It’s a therapy for aroma, sound and light at a same time
  • The Aromatherapy will cleanse out all foul smell or unpleasant air, and thereby providing you fresh air
  • The Looks: If compared to competitors, this product stands out clearly in terms of its make and look. This comes with a captivating wooden base. While its’ glass cover is also the frosted one which soothes your eyes even more
  • Compatibility: It can be clubbed easily with your smartphones, iPod, or any other music player. Equipped with its robust speaker, this works well to soothe your mood with the type of music you would want to listen


  • Coverage area: It is only ideal for the area of 8-12 square meters. Not ideal for larger places
  • The product finishing: It is observed that buttons become hard with the passage of time. The finishing of product is not that of any extraordinary

Are you using a Aromatherapy Diffuser? 

Please leave a comment to share your experience below


One thought on “Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews / Aroma Diffuser Guide

  1. I have a few different models of these aroma diffusers and I can safely say I use them every single day and have been using them for months. For most people they will buy house hold product with love at first sight, use it for a few times, quickly got tired of it, and stuffed back into the box.

    But for me these aroma diffusers are low maintenance, easy to use and require very little care. I like the the one that holds 500 ml of water and will last for 10 hours. With “high/low” button for mist output.

    Just make sure you only put a few drops of essential in the water tank. That’s enough. Don’t put more, otherwise it will clog and you have to clean it up.

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