Epilators Reviews: Fyola 3-in-1 hair removal, Philips lady Shaver

Are you looking to get rid of your hairs on face, underarms, bikini line and other body parts but at the same time you would not want to spend some hefty price in the saloon, right?

Well, then consider epilation if you don’t want any side effects of hair removal and also save yourself from the pain of waxing. The portable hair removal devices come in different shapes and sizes. Some are great for legs and bikini lines, some for your face and some for whole body.


Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, I’m going to help you make a better decision by writing a comprehensive epilators  guide. Before we start we need to clarify a few things.

Are Epilators worth the pain?

Before starting using an epilator you need to know this: epilation is painful.
I see many online product reviews from people complaining about the epilator is painful. Duh…I repeat, epilation is painful

Don’t get confused with shaving hair. Epilation means pulling hair from the root using the rotating tweezers that traps the hair. It hurts at the first few times, after that you will feel less painful.

Remember the famous saying: NO PAIN NO GAIN


My Review of Hair Removal Products

What makes this 3-in-1 Fyola Epilator/ Shaver so Special?

epilator This 3-in-1 Fyola Epilator/ Shaver hair remover is designed specially so as to remove unwanted hairs smoothly and easily. And so, the advantage it yields apart from smooth removals is that of its long lasting smoothness.

Regarding the make of this product, it contains three different Inter-changeable hair removal heads. This unique tool is equipped with a shaving head, the body epilating head and the facial Epilating head. For removal of the finest hair, it also contains textured ceramic discs that grips gently – giving utmost comfort while shaving.

Now, going into its technicality, it comes with selectable 2-speed operations so that it can perform specialized task for every specific hair types. Also, you need not worry about the battery life as it also includes the charging cradle for easy charging, and therefore it gives ultimate performance in terms of time used – 40 minutes with a single charge. To ensure its credibility, the design is such that it is capable to remove 0.5mm of hairs thereby reassuring its optimal utility. The head alone allows you to shave up to 4mm.

> Click Here to Know more about Fyola Epilator



  • Light on pocket, saves time:
    Well, if time is money then this device saves both. You are in a win-win situation as 3-in-1 Fyola Epilator/ Shaver gives you the same treatment as that of salon and thereby saves your time. Not only your time, but it also saves your expenditure of visiting a salon.
  • Smooth skin + better hair look:
    It has been studied that using the Epilator can thicken your hairs over a period of time. Thus, it helps giving your hair some better look and at the same time shines your skin pretty well.
  • The 2-Speed Formula:
    The all-new-2-speed formula effectively removes those extra hairs that it clears your skin afresh.


  • Weight: The weight of this product is 1.5 pounds which makes sit very difficult to carry
  • Over usage of this device on sensitive areas may hurt your skin badly

Want to know more about different Fyola Epilators? Click here

Another popular Epilator: Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator

Philips-HP6401-Satinelle-EpilatorAre you really worried about those hairs peeping out of your sexy legs every now and then? Then I must say the ultimate solution you need is Philips Norelco Epilator HP6401/50 which helps to keep your legs smooth, silky and sexy with its effective hair removal system.

To let your skin stay hair free for a longer time, hairs are needed to be removed from root. This is achieved by the unparalleled and unconventional shaving method.Perfectly equipped with the ergonomic handle it offers you a smooth control and remarkable performance. The extra speed setting is pretty much useful for faster yet optimal purpose of hair removal. The Phillips Norelco Epilator HP6401/50 is accompanied by a lithium ion battery.


  • Efficient Epilation: effectively removes leg hairs from the roots by pulling it out.
  • Fast and efficient epilator: Enjoy long lasting smooth legs with this Philips epilator. Removes hair from the root, for ultimate hair removal and hair free legs.
  • Extra speed setting: Additional function of speed setting with options of either gentle epilation or faster performance


  • Less Durable: Encased in a plastic body, any mishandling can break this very easily
  • Removing coarser hair: It requires multiple dragging to remove hairs from the area where hairs are either thick or coarse.

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator, White

bRAUN The Breaun Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Epilator is the most efficient epilator which works just perfectly on wet and dry skin. It is specially designed for the gentler usage during a bath or shower. The most remarkable feature which differentiate this device with that of competition is that it has over 40 close-grip tweezers. This is specifically true as it removes even shortest of hairs. It is also equipped with the cordless use for enhanced usage.

This mechanically strong device comes with the following 5 attachments – Shaver Head, Trimmer Cap, and Efficiency Cap for Speed control, Sensitive area cap, and facial cap. The special feature of SoftLift Tips is very much helpful in effectively lifting flat lying hairs so as to guide them to the tweezers which can later be removed


  • Waterproof: Use it while you take bath or shower, its equally effective on dry and wet skin
  • Smart light: It is equipped with the LED light in the device, such that it Illuminates even those minute hair so that you don’t miss on any
  • Cordless Use: The edge over other products is its cordless use and fast recharge. The 40 minute ultimate usage is enough for full epilation


  • Expensive: The price is notch above the rest especially considering the device and its usage. The cost is 3 times more than the rest in this league.

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezers Head Epilator

EmjoiWith advanced technological innovation the revolutionary EmjoiTweezer-Head Epilator from Emjoi comes with 72 Tweezer heads for the efficient, convenient and more advantageous option than shaving or waxing. The new technique magically reduces the number of passing required for efficiently removing hairs and thereby leaves your skin smooth, silky, touchable.

This Emjoi Emagine epilator is proven to pull the hairs out really quickly and comfortably. The amazing middle lifting tweezers are beneficial in pulling out short hairs straight from its roots. Getting more into the technical information, it has a Silver Ion Technology which offer sunmatched antimicrobial protection. On designing front, it has a curved shape which fits with that of the body curves. The handles are engineered ergonomically such that it balances in your hand thereby giving you easy and smooth maneuvering all over your body.


  • Gliding Technology: Epilator just glides on your skin and sets it on a skating motion. Thereby pulling every single hand as if done manually
  • The speed control: It comes with the dual speed control technology, and therefore it saves more time and works effectively however required.
  • Prolonged Smooth skin: This device have an edge over the other products in same league as it offers 6 weeks of smooth skin post hair removal.


  • The power supply: Being operated electrically, it does not have a battery. Hence, cannot be used without a DC power
  • Price : A $100 deal is too much to give away for this
  • No Guarantee/Warranty: Even after such a premium charges, there is not warrantee or guarantee as such

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3 thoughts on “Epilators Reviews: Fyola 3-in-1 hair removal, Philips lady Shaver

  1. I like the Fyola epilator very much. It comes with a facial hair remover attachment works much better than the cream I was using that would always give me harsh chemical burns. Again wonderful product. Anybody want to share their thoughts about epilation?

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