Electric Nail Drill Polisher Reviews

Looking for tools to beautify your nails? There are many different electric nail drill available in the market. They come in different sizes and accessories.  Here are the best selections that I am going to review.

Fyola Portable Nail Polisher / Nail Drill

Copy of IMG_7356 copyIf you love to pamper yourself with the unmatched beauty your nails could ever get, then Fyola Portable Nail Polisher is the ultimate answer. There is actually no hesitation in saying that this will give you the best manicure as well as pedicure. The most unique thing about Fyola Portable Nail Polisher is that at the comfort of your own home, you can avail the healthier and beautiful look of your nails.

This is made possible by the seven attachments which come with this set. The beauty of these attachments lies in their unique design which helps various facets of your nail care routine, saying that, one is assured to get the well rounded set of nails.

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It is a well-known fact that that perfect looking nails are hard to maintain.Apart from having ample amount of patience, one needs to attain the nail-care and give some time to it. But, this is where the nail-care is generally rejected. And well, if not time, then it does require a lot of money. Most of you would go in the saloon or even to special nail care professional thinking that they save lot of time and does the perfect work by saving quiet a lot of time. But this thing on a regular basis becomes way too expensive for nail-care.

And therefore, this set comes pretty handy for the same purpose. This set of device will do the same work even at home, but at a pace of a professional, thereby saving not only your time but even money.

Getting into the technicalities of this set, it comes with two types of discs, and two types of cones.

There are shaping discs which helps in removing the dead skin from your hands and feet. Once you are done with the shaping discs, you need to pick up the filling cones. These filling cones help getting shape in the best shape. Now, there is also a buffing disc which functions to lightly polish the nails. And at last, you must use the brush in order to clean your nails.

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  • Light in use: This massively working device weighs only 1 lb. + 6 oz.
  • Easy to carry: With its dimensions of 6.5 X 9 X 3, this device is pretty convenient to carry even while traveling. This fits inside bag very easily
  • Foot care: This one is flawless to use on natural. Not that only this, but it suits ideally for diabetic foot care
  • Precision: Instead of filling your nails manually, this set gives more precision to filling.
  • Speed: Not only it’s advantageous in terms of precision, but also the speed with which it does its work is noteworthy. This gets your work done very faster.


  • The motor installed inside the machine tends to get weak after prolonged use
  • The lack of dual voltage in this system restricts its usage only to U.S.A
  • The price of this device is almost more than the double than rest of the device for same  purpose which are available pretty cheap in the market


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Stainless Steel Manicure Pedicure Ear picks Nail-Clippers Set 10 in 1

Stainless steel mainucreThis set contains 10 pcs of top-notch quality stainless steel manicure, pedicure and beauty tools

It is equipped with two nail clippers with high cutting strength. The procedure of nail trimming is easily possible by special polishing technology. They come in different sizes as per your nail requires.

This set also contains one toe-nail clipper which easily chops off ‘hard to pluck’ toe nails.

It is encompassed with one cuticle trimmer, the blade’s structure and angles are such perfect that it helps cutting the cuticle pretty neatly

One tweezers, highly effective in removing unwanted hairs. One pair of beauty scissors for eyebrow trimming. It also comes with one nail file, one single-edged double-sided push stick. One V-shaped push stick. One ear picks. Not only this, it comes packaged inside a delicate leather case. This one set is hard to resist for any grooming fanatic.


  • Durability: All in one, made up with stainless steel adds the credibility in terms its durability.
  • Flexibility: You can easily carry this with you even when are on the move. Saves much of space as compared to other products in same functionality.
  • Return policy: It has a 14-day return policy if in case you are not satisfied with the product
  • Price: All this, in just$8.35 – one of the cheapest, yet the effective set in this range.


  • If you do not put the items correctly in the case, the case might not close. This is because every minute object has its designated place. You need to remember all of them and it can get tiresome task when you are in some hurry.
  • The overall product quality is pretty cheap as compared the competitors. But ultimately you get what you pay for.


NiceEshop(TM) 5 Bits Electric Manicure Nail Drill File Grinder Grooming Kit

niceEshopThis one is one of the most basic of the grooming kit.

Even with the basic features of this kit, you can save loads of money which you otherwise would end up paying in salon for manicure and pedicure. Added with that, you also can avoid that embarrassment of ugly looking nails.

With this simple device, you can have your nails look like professionally touched up manicure by sitting comfortably inside your house.

Technically speaking, this device comes with high speed rotation powerful blades which can swiftly trim and contour rough acrylics and toenails. But still, this is gentle enough to work on cuticles and weak or splitting nails.


  • Pricing: For $2.99, this is one of the cheapest grooming kit available
  • Power supply: This can easily work on two AA batteries. So pretty convenient to use anytime anywhere.
  • The speed of rotation: The rotation speed is pretty high and professional.
  • Saves money: You get the same treatment and look of your nails like the way you get in salon for manicure. This saves a lot of money


  • The tips, after repetitive use, do not fit in the end.
  • The power issue is huge one as loss of your power supply (AA Batteries) may make this unit non-functional.

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