Which Hair Removal Methods Are Worth To Try?

Are you looking to remove hair permanently or just want to to reduce the hair growth? Hair removal is a daily challenge for many woman, especially for those who wants to have smooth looking sexy legs or other body parts

If you want to get rid of hair growth of certain body parts that you don’t like then keep reading.

Hair usually grows all over the body. In fact, it can be more evident during and after puberty. In addition, men are likely to have more visible and thicker body hair in comparison to women. Nevertheless, body hair grows on various body parts like eyebrows, head, armpits, legs, arms and eyelashes with men having thicker and visible hair on their chest, abdomen, face and the back.

There are many reasons why people remove their body hair. There many different hair removal methods of available.

And I will explain a list of commonly sought method of trimming and removing body hair:


Waxing, Still Want to Do the Old Painful Way?

Waxing is a hair removal method that has been used centuries ago. Of course, the waxes used for hair removal these days are very different from what humans used centuries ago in which ancient people made use of honey. Waxes today can come from compounds that are soy-based in which it does not stick to the skin unlike honey. This soy-based substance only binds to the body hair. The methodology of waxing is simple – the experts simply apply the soy-based cream to the area of interest, cover the area using specialized cloth strips, wait for the wax to set in and the cloth strips are removed with the hair sticking to the cloth strips. The cost of wax removal varies from $10 to $70 per session.


Pros: soy-based creams are gentler and kindler, in comparison to other wax substance like honey resulting to less pain and damage. This method can be used in any parts of the body. It can be homemade.

Cons: there is a need to apply antibacterial lotion after the treatment because the wax completely removes the hair including shaft, bulb and root. Incorrect application of the wax can lead to unwanted skin infections. There is a need for hygienic condition.

Shaving, but Hair Hair Grow Won’t Slow Down

Shaving is one of the common hair removal methods. It can be done using disposal/straight razor or electric type. Shaving is analogous to cutting the hair, but in shaving, the method is carried out very close to the human skin. Shaving is not created to completely remove the hair parts such as root and follicle. Knowing that, shaving only provides temporary effects and can last anywhere from few hours to as much as few days.

Pros: cheap, but needs to be done repeatedly

Cons: in order to have a nice shaving condition, the hair should be wet thoroughly first, shaving should be done on the direction of the hair growth, avoiding stroking repeatedly and to keep the skin relaxed while you shave. Shaving can cause problems like ingrown hair if you have coarse hair. This is common in the bikini area.

Epilators Are Painful At Beginning, But Will Slow Down Hair Growth

An epilator is an electrical device that works like tweezers. It pulls multiple pieces of hair simultaneously. You might experience painful sensation during your first time using it, but you will get used to it. Before using the epilator to the skin, take a bath first and dry your skin to make it softer and easier to epilate. Just like shaving, roll the epilator against the direction of the growth of hair to have even effect. Regular use of massage sponge when taking a bath to prevent in-growing of hair.

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There are different types of epilators, the spring, rotating disc, and the tweezer type. Spring type epilators have coil spring that flex when rotated. Rolling the epilator across your skin can cause the hairs to be caught in the spring and pulled out. The rotating disc type, on the other hand, is similar to the spring type, but instead of coil springs, these have metal discs that pull out your unwanted hair. The tweezer type has metal discs mounted in a plastic housing. It creates a tweezing effect, wherein the hair between the plates are being pulled away from the skin.


– Easy to operate and can make removing hair easier and faster.
– It has a cooling pack and the massaging device can numb the area temporarily.
– Hair can grow less coarse.


– You might have little pain for the first time of using.
– Skin might redden or irritate at first. It is advisable to use body cram or lotions after epilating.

Remove Hair with Pulsed or Laser light

These days, this is one of the very popular means of hair removal. Laser or simply the pulsed light contains energy that will go through the shaft of the hair down to its follicle in which it will work to destroy the root of the hair. In this method, do not expect that the hair will simply come out. Laser will only weaken the hair from its root until they fall out over time. Normally, any individual wanting to try this method will have to undergo five to seven sessions plus touch-up after a year. The cost ranges from $150 to $500 per session.



Electrolysis for Permanent Hair Removal, What Are the Risks?

This is the only hair removal method that is able to provide “permanent” result. This method makes use of tiny needles that will be glided down the hair follicle until reaching the cells responsible for the growth of hair. Once it reaches these cells, it will destroy them and the hair will be released and slide right out. Since the cells are destroyed, the hair will not grow back again in that area.

Pros: safe for any body parts where hair will be removed. The method can be used for white and blondes. Permanent results and a session cost about $40 to $90 and will last five to ten minutes per session.

Cons: Uncomfortable sessions and needs anesthetic creams, needs as much as 25 sessions depending on the amount of hair that needs to be removed. Since needle is used, tiny scar may develop from where the needle is inserted.

Topical Prescription Cream Called Vaniqa, Ideal For Which Body Area?

Vaniqa, a topical prescription cream, is known in the MD world as eflornithine 13.9%. This substance works through blocking the enzyme responsible for hair growth resulting to the retardation of hair growth in the area plus the possibility of growth stoppage. However, Vaniqa is not completely a hair remover substance and hence, it is recommended to be used with other methods.

Pros: Ideal to be used in the facial areas; effective for non-pigmented hair like white or blonde; can be used in combination with the birth control pills as well as other home remedies and medically safe for all skin types.

Cons: if Vaniqa will be used alone, it may take eight weeks to six months and it will be costly. Not ideal for large areas where hair is desired to be removed. The cost of Vaniqa ranges from $80 to $225 per tube.

More Summer Tips for Your Bikini Area

For ladies, trimming their bikini area is common. The above methods can be used. For those choosing to shave, make sure that you keep your skin relax, the hair thoroughly wet and the razor you will used is still sharp. Disposable razors are only good for about three to four use. For those preferring to do waxing at home, make sure that everything is clean and hygienic with antibacterial lotion ready to be applied after the hair removal with creams.

The use of topical prescription creams is also good, but you have to be patient with it because it needs much time. For those who have the means to undergo laser or electrolysis methods, talk to your dermatologist first. You need their personal and expert assessment in order for you to decide which method best suits your need.


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