Get Healthy Glowing Skin with 5 Cost Saving Beauty Tips

Healthy dietI am not a beauty expert, but I am frequently told that if want to have a really good skin you need to have enough sleep and drink a lot of water every day. Here are some cost saving beauty skin tips, especially during this economic downturn.

TIP #1 Keep Yourself Hydrated

Have a supply of water at your working desk or at place where you spend most of your time. Put some flavor in your water with a slice of lemon or Chinese tea. As you know water assists the body with it’s natural elimination process by flushing unwanted toxins out. Besides, drinking plenty of water will nourish your skin.

TIP#2 Hydrating mist around you

For as little money you pamper yourself at work with hydrating mist.
My secret weapon is the ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser at my desk. I simply put some lavender essential oil in this aroma diffuser and let it run for 8 hours. It created a hydrating mist around you with essential oils. Keeps my skin soft, especially need in a dry office room.

TIP#3 Stop Smoking

Everybody know that smoking is bad for your health, but did you know that each puff also causes  an irreversible damage to your skin?!  Smoking narrows blood vessels in the outer layers of your skin and reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients that can get to your skin: it causes early signs of anti aging and accelerate the apparition of wrinkles.  

TIP#4 Nutrient-rich diet

Some food will promise glowing skin from the inside out. As strawberries, citrus fruits, red peppers or even broccoli will give your skin a smooth texture thanks to their Vitamin C. Sun flower seeds and almonds contain Vitamin E, which helps protecting from the sun. Wild salmon, Atlantic mackerel and walnuts are full of Omega-3s: these acids fight inflammation in the body caused by sun and stress, and prevent wrinkles. So choose your nutrients and pile them on your plate!

My choice? Some strawberries in a yogurt, mixed with cereals!

TIP#5 Exercise

Doing some exercises is important for healthy skin: it improves blood circulation, which keep your skin vibrant. It also sheds stress hormones, which influence the production of oil in the skin.  Reduce stress by being active improve skin condition such as acne or eczema.

Exercise for healthy skin

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