Popular Thanksgiving Gifts Below $100, 2009

Gifts below $100During a recession times are tough, but not all gifts have to be expensive – just so long as it is from the heart. Here is a listing of the popular health products for 2009 that would make excellent Thanksgiving gift ideas. Give a gift from the heart; show you care by getting a Thanksgiving gift to promote good health.

In no particular order, popular Thanksgiving gift ideas below $100:

Aromatherapy Diffusers – Germs are in the air, and we are trapped inside with them as we shut doors and windows to conserve heat from winter frost.  An aromatherapy diffuser can help purify the air with a light fragrance, and can be found at reasonable prices online, or at the nearest aromatherapy/health shop.

Soap & Lotion – An excellent Thanksgiving gift idea for anybody, whether they’re friend, family, or acquaintance. Buy one pre-packaged, or create a set at a low cost. Everyone needs moisturizing and cleaning products, especially during cold season when we need to promote cleanliness and health etiquette.

Body Massagers – There are many massagers out there that come in all different forms, and a lot can be found for under $100. Great for soothing and relaxing sore, tense muscles. Some of the new massagers these days now have an infrared setting, which radiates heat as you massage. Allowing for a deeper, more relaxing massage; not to mention, the heat also improves the flow of the circulation system and removal of body toxins.

Jarred Goodies – My favorite & money saving gift idea. Take your favorite recipe and jar the dry ingredients. Then, on a tag write what wet ingredients need to be added, and cooking procedures. Attach the tag to the jar with string. Make this Thanksgiving gift idea healthy by using a healthy recipe, or you can even just fill the jar with already made goodies.

Neck traction – A popular product of 2009, and a great Thanksgiving gift idea for under $100 for those who have neck problems. The safest alternative to all other neck-stretchers, as it is small and portable. Air is pumped into the neck traction, which then gently stretches the neck to the user’s choice of preference.

More about neck traction here.

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