Fyola Facial Massager – Instructions

1. Ultrasound Mode

When using the ultrasound mode, apply a suitable amount of Fyola Skin Food, it’s water soluble gel  (a circle with 2 cm diameter) on the facial head or your skin.  Gel is better, since it doesn’t dry up quickly on your skin and makes the facial machine device move smoothly over your skin.

But the main function of gel is to increases the conduction of ultrasound waves into your skin.  The gel prevents air from coming between the facial machine and the skin, therefore maximizes the transmission of the sound waves.

They gel they provide is 100% organic gel, made in Canada.

NEVER apply the ultrasound gel when using the galvanic mode. Some ultrasound gels might even contain chemicals or preservatives.

2. Galvanic mode

When using the ultrasound mode,  apply lotion or facial serum with Vitamin rich C or Anti-Oxidant.  The galvanic mode pushes the skin care ingredients into you skin.  So make sure, the skin care product you have selected does NOT contain chemicals.  You don’t want these chemicals get into your skin, right?

Even branded skin products might have chemicals. So make sure you check the ingredients before buying these product at your local beauty store.  Select organic skin product with 100% natural ingredients.

For best results use the Fyola Skin Food (toner gel) again.

Fyola skin gel

fyola gel

3. Move the facial head around your face

Move the treatment head of the facial massager in circlefollowing the formation of the muscles. See illustrations for the directions. Do not stop moving the treatment head in use, about the rate of 5 centimeters within 1 second. The power will shut off automatically after 10 minutes.

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11 thoughts on “Fyola Facial Massager – Instructions

  1. Oh I like your blog, real interesting, sounds as though it would go good with my product…..Deborah…..Glamourbuzz.wordpress.com

  2. Hey Eric,

    Thanks for finding me! I added you to my blogroll and will definitely be checking out the site!


    Toni Alexis

  3. I purchased this facial massager and I’m extremely happy with it. The only thing I’m unsure about is whether or not you can only use organic lotions of the included ultrasound cream when you’re in Galvanic mode.

    It would be nice if it could be used with all kinds of lotions or serums.


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