How Does Ultrasonic Face Massager Work

What’s all the buzz about the Galvanic and Ultrasound Face Massager?

Ultrasound waves can not be felt or seen

Ultrasound waves range from 1 Mhz to 3 Mhz. Their action on the skin tissue is like a massage. We usually call this effect a micro-massage. It’s like one million vibrations penetrating into your skin cells at the same time.

One would feel nothing but a little warm or tingling sensation when using the ultrasound facial massager. It is better for our tender skin. Appropriate micro-massage plays an important role to our physiological system.

The speed vibration and the bubble action of ultrasound can easily wrap wastes up and take them out of the skin. Do not use directly on inflammed part of the skin in case it becomes worse. Meanwhile, the user should be relaxed to allow normal hormonal secretion while using this face massager.

galvanic facial machine

The bubble action Ultrasound Face Massager
Stirring the water in a fish jar with a chopstick, we supply oxygen to the fish. The faster we stir, the more bubbles we have. Now just image how many bubbles would be produced by one million stirs per second. That’s right, countless and invisible. But, each bubble still does its best to do what a bubble should do.

They wrap all oil, stain them up tightly, and remove them away even from the pores of the face. You do not have to worry about the composition of the facial cleansers again, or, if your face is cleaned well or not. Ultrasound is deemed to take the place of soap.

No doubt, skin cleaning is the most important thing, especially for those with oily skin. Most people have had little luck searching for the perfect facial cleanser.  All we have to do is do a simple cleaning. As to the oozed oil, bacteria, etc. just leave it to the ultrasound instead of variety of soaps.

Why use Water Soluble Gel and NOT cream with Face Massager?

Ultrasound waves requires a gel for the conduction into the skin. Research shows that the transmission pro portion of ultrasonic waves in the air is 0%, about 50% in general water, 60% in distilled water, near 70% in glue matter, and above 70% in special conductive gel.
When you apply water on your skin, it will dry up quickly, before you can finish the facial movements with the facial massager. A gel will stay on your skin even after you have finished the treatment.

Cream blocks the transmission of ultrasound wave.

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7 thoughts on “How Does Ultrasonic Face Massager Work

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  2. Hello,

    I recently bought a Nu Skin Galvanic Spa unit (and then returned it). I’d done 1/2 of my face for the first treatment, and noticed no difference (no diminishing of crows feet or other lines, as the ones between my forehead. The second treatment left my skin severely irritated. The Nu Skin person I borrowed it from told me that I must not have used it correctly. Actually I think that’s what happened for the second treatment, but it certainly shouldn’t have given that reaction. Also, it left one side of my nose swollen, where the “technique” video had said to hold it. Anyway, I would not buy this product. How does your’s compare? Do you know of studies of long-term effects?

    Jeanette in California

  3. Re the email message I just sent…. I was trying to be nice, or avoid the issue, when I said “the Nu Skin person I borrowed it from”…. but I also said I’d purchased and returned it. What actually happened was that when I told my ‘upline’ (I’d bought in as a distributor) she was quite rude. Even if I’d like the unit I wouldn’t want to work with that person (or group). For that matter, Nu Skin as a company, (I found through internet searches that led to actual discussions) has a dinosaur comp plan as well as very questionable business ethics. I found that out first-hand, as it turns out… But never mind about that.

  4. How can i get a ultrasonic wave face machine? i bought one when I when i was bout 18 yo back in 1982 and i loved it. it would suck out all my whiteheads and you could see it through the clear bowl you had to put ur face in. please reply thank u

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