How Does Ultrasound Home Spa Machine Work?

Ultrasound Facial Massager

Here is the complete FAQ about Fyola

Which Water Soluble Gel or Lotion Should I use?
It’s extremely important to choose the right water soluble gel with rich vitamins. You may also choose a anti-oxidant firming or lifting lotion. As long as it’s water soluble.

Apply a high quality anti-wrinkle lotion with rich vitamins if you need to reduce fine lines.

Apply a whitening lotion if you need to whiten your skin or reduce your scars.

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3 thoughts on “How Does Ultrasound Home Spa Machine Work?

  1. I’ve used it for a little over a month and have seen noticeble difference. My face is being transformed.I am 40; now my skin looks like a 30 year old again, sun damage has disappeared.

  2. Is there scientific proof that ultrasonic and galvanic technology really help facilal tone and lifting? Have you done any scientific study on groups of women by certified institution?

    Thank you for clarification.

    Owner of beauty salon

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